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EMA International is offering Barite Ore and Powder to its customers in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East Countries. It has sourced top quality Barite Ores from mines in Balochistan, Pakistan. The product complies the specifications of API 13A. 

A brief review of its specifications and benefits is listed below:



  • Sp. Gravity                                                                                         4.2 gm/ cm3 (Min)
  • Barium Sulfate (BaSO4)                                                                       90%  (Min)   (Mostly above 95%)
  • Water Soluble Alkaine Earth Metals as Calcium                                    ≤ 250 mg/kg
  • Solubility in Water                                                                              2.69 % Average




  • Shorter Lead Times for Delivery
  • Lower Level of Inventory/ Stock at Factory Warehouse
  • Very cost effective

Source Mines

  • Koh-e-Daleel
  • Koh-e-Sultan
  • Khuzdar